Tuesday, August 12, 2014

SC|CS 2015 – School Counselor Community Scholarship 2015 Fundraiser

As I shared last year, getting to #ASCA14 was going to be a first for me after 6 years in the field! Even though it was tough for me to raise the funds, I knew I had to donate to this great cause organized by Jeff Ream, also known as The Counseling Geek!

This scholarship has grown so much since 2013, which is just AWESOME!

The goal for 2015 is even bigger and more ambitious, but completely realistic considering how our school counseling community has grown over the years.

This year, The Counseling Geek is teaming up The Middle School Counselor (Carol Miller) to secure community donations and partnerships with sponsors to raise at least 5 full scholarships ($1,750) for the 2015 conference in Phoenix, AZ. Read the full details here.

We can do this!

If everyone of my current Twitter followers donates $1, we will have raised $1,049!

As of today, at the time of this post, $160 have been raised. Let's see if we can get to $500 by August 31. 

Let's all invest in our future by donating to this fantastic cause. 

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