Thursday, November 14, 2013

Give Back this November: Support the Mission Scholarship

If you have the financial means, please consider donating to the Mission Scholarship, sponsored by The Counseling Geek, to send a newer school counselor or graduate student to ASCA 2014.

I have been in the field for 6 years and I have not had the opportunity to attend a national school counseling conference. 2014 is the year for me to finally experience an ASCA Conference and I am happy to be able to help support two additional school counselors in making the trip to Florida.

Click here to go directly to the donation page, give what you can. As little as $1 or $10 will help secure a strong base for the honorees.

Thank you for offering this opportunity Jeff, I look forward to meeting you in person and the honorees!

Have questions about the scholarship or want to read about last year's winner? Please contact Jeff or visit his blog for updates:

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