Tuesday, July 7, 2015

I Built Something Magical & Now I'm ready to Spice it up

After my second ASCA conference I can truly tell you that it only gets better each time.

Last year I brought back a renewed energy for my program and this year a more enhanced and renewed focus.

I attend more extended sessions this year to get more in depth information; here's a list of all of the sessions I attended:
  1. Opening Session Keynote (Fred Lajvardi)
  2. High School Ramp Simplified
  3. Increase Student Achievement via Data
  4. The Amazing Data Race
  5. General Session Keynote (Tim Shriver)
  6. 10 Tips to Creating a Freshman Seminar Curriculum
  7. Turning Freshman Problems into Opportunities
  8. Mindsets & Behaviors Competency Writing 101
  9. Take your School Counseling Presentations from Blah to Blazing
Reflecting back I can't tell you which one was my favorite because they were all enlightening. 

So what now?

This is the part I want to savor. I don't want to leave one idea to chance. To make sure that doesn't happen here's my plan of attack to Spice up my Program:
  1. Execute an Annual Agreement with my new principal by August 14 with 3 SMART goals for my program
  2. Review and utilize the ASCA RAMP resources to work towards RAMP for next year, even if my school won't pay for the application
  3. Prepare my Action Plans for each of my goals and share them with the faculty at the first faculty meeting of the year
  4. Spice up my presentations with all of the tips I learned from the last session I attended at #ASCA15
  5. Use all of my notes from ASCA14 and ASCA15 to help me make my program goals a reality
Stay tuned to my blog to follow my progress.

I hope to see you all next year in New Orleans for #ASCA16: The Recipe for Success, July 9-12.