Thursday, February 6, 2014

#NSCW14 Take 2

Well this has been an interesting Week to say the least!

We are on our second snow day so I am really glad I didn't plan too much that could not be sent through our web message board for students, parents & faculty to see.

I had to scrap much of my Tuesday & Wednesday plan, but I am going to do the M&Ms contest on Friday because I don't plan on eating all of these magical treats myself.

I will also be sending my annual crossword puzzle out to all of the students around 9:00 am (don't want to wake them from their magical slumbers) and posting it to our Family & Student Access portal as well.

I am super excited about my newest adventure to highlight our senior class' future plans in an "Oh, the Places You'll Go: Senior Stories" display. This will become a permanent part of my program each year.

The staff will be greeted with magic bars & certificates of thanks tomorrow, as well as this year's gift & focus of inspiration for instructional practice growth.

Have any of you had snow days this week? 

How did you modify your #NSCW14 plans? Share your comments below.

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