Thursday, July 7, 2016

It's time for #ASCA16 Tips

As I sit here procrastinating when I should be packing, I can't help but get super excited about getting to New Orleans to see so many of you and recharge my school counselor batteries!!

Every year I usually share tips on how to afford to go to conference, but this year that was not an issue for me since I started my own business last year, so I am going to share a few tips on how you can make the most of your time at #ASCA16! Of course if you can't make it, be sure to follow #NotAtASCA16 on Twitter and download the conference app to grab the handouts from the sessions you are interested in, or become a virtual attendee here!

Ok, so let's focus in on those of us that are able to make the trip...

1. Print your registration email with your QR code so you can register and get your name tag and welcome bag quickly.

2. Download the conference app on your smartphone or tablet or write out your schedule the old fashion way so you know where you need to be at a quick glance.

3. Be sure to stop at the NOLA locals table to get tips on where to eat and what to check out while you're in town. I know I want to ride in a streetcar for sure! are so more tips from ASCA...

New Orleans is a city rich with culture and plenty of tourist attractions. The Washington Post even names it a"great destination for families." Once you've planned your conference schedule, be sure to set aside time to take in all that our host city has to offer. Here are a few links to learn more about what you can do during your visit:

4. Visit the exhibit hall and complete the scavenger hunt! There are some really awesome prizes and you get to meet so many helpful vendors that may solve all of your school counselor quandaries. :)

Seriously, Aveda is going to be there!! 

...from ASCA...

AT&T: Charging stations in registration lobby and meeting room lobbies.
Aveda Institutes: Massages, cosmetic touch ups and beauty advice in the exhibit hall.

5. Meet the Board of Director candidates and ASCA staff, then be sure to vote at the voting station.

6. Make time to be social. The sessions are incredible and you will learn so much, but the connections you make are also valuable, so be sure to connect with people in person and on Twitter before you leave so you can stay connected throughout the year as you're applying what you've learned.

7. Attend the Tweet up Meet up, even if you're not on Twitter, we will help you get connected to a PLN that you will wonder how you ever lived without. We are a fun group, trust me! :)

8. Go to Opening Session and sit with your state, this is a super fun experience, trust me! Check the message board if you're wondering where your state will meet. 

9. Attend each Keynote. Every year I walk away from a keynote with a new vision and direction for my program, they are always inspiring and good for your school counselor spirit.

10. Take notes digitally while you're in session (I use GoogleDrive) and Tweet your takeaways using #ASCA16 #SCCHAT and #NotAtASCA16

11. Summarize how you will apply what you've learned, you know, action plan. I also use GoogleDrive for this so I can access them later and share them with others that are #NotAtASCA16

12. Have fun, laugh a lot, make memories and remind yourself that this opportunity is as much for you as it is for those you serve. 

I am looking forward to seeing you all in NOLA and elated to have the opportunity to connect with you in person as we learn and grow together. Safe travels.

Share your tips below in the comments!

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