Thursday, September 3, 2015

Let's all go to ASCA16

Each year I try to come up with unique ways to pay my way to the ASCA conference since my school district doesn't help financially.

This year I have been blessed with a successful Rodan & Fields business so I know going to ASCA this summer will not be as big of a financial burden as it used to be.

Now that I know I will have the ability to go, I would like to support the Counseling Geek's annual School Counselor Community Scholarship in a big way!

I don't have a TPT store or anything like that, but I can now share my small business success with the scholarship fund.

From September 1-12, 2015 I will donate 2% of all Preferred Customer sales to the scholarship fund! This is huge and could potentially send another person to ASCA16! I could never make a contribution like this on my own before I found Rodan & Fields, but now I want to share this blessing with as many school Counselors (and people) as I can.

I'm also running a pretty sweet special this month.

In addition to the 2% donation, I will personally donate $100 to the scholarship fund if I meet my personal monthly business goals! All it takes is 10 Preferred Customer orders and 2 Consultants to join me in business and start making their own residual income to make this happen.

Email me if you have questions. Check out my Rodan & Fields website here and learn more about the Counseling Geek's School Counselor Community Scholarship here.

I am hoping I can be one of those business people that donates a total of $350 to the scholarship. So, commit to buying yourself (or a loved one) quality skin care and in turn donating to scholarship---maybe you'll even win! Let's do this!


  1. Thanks Franciene for helping with the scholarship fund! It means a lot to so many counselors! I'm with you. . .let's all go to ASCA16!

    1. My pleasure! Setting a goal to donate enough to fund one full registration next year.