Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Bye, bye Sticky Notes

If you're anything like me, your desk is usually littered with Sticky Notes outlining things that need to be done, calls that need to be returned and general reminders on how to solve the worlds problems.

My new principal and I have been joking the last couple of weeks about our growing affinity for sticky notes, but also the need to really get them under control (even though we knew that was probably just a dream).

This week, out of the blue, she comes by to show me something really cool that just made my sticky note loving, school counseling heart skip a beat!!

She introduced me to Google Keep.

This tech tool is incredible! She showed me how to use it in about a minute and reminded me that now I could take my sticky notes with me where ever I go! I love her brain and her humor!

With this tool you can create sticky notes, lists, etc on your desktop. You can even create check off lists. Each type of note can be shared with others, just like notes in Google Drive, and you can even set reminders on the notes so they notify you that something needs to be completed! Best of all she said to me, "you can take your sticky notes with you!" Did  mention that I really love this woman!

I just love this!!

Check out how clean my desk is now...

So, go forth school Counselors, lay off those paper sticky notes, free your desk, open up this Google app and get things done!

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