Thursday, May 21, 2015

A Freebie from the College Board that you can't pass up!

In the fall I posted on my Twitter account about the new College Board College Counseling Sourcebook (7th edition) I had just gotten in the mail; I was super excited about all of the resources inside.

Well, great news! Now you can get it for FREE, that is right, FREE!

What's the catch? 

Well, all you have to do is sign the Apply to 4 or More™ pledge to show your support for the College Board's Apply to 4 or More Campaign and help students increase their chances of enrolling in an institution that matches their academic potential. Then, in the Spring, if you complete the survey they email to you, they will send you a free PDF copy. Not a bad trade off!

Not only will you get the full PDF of the Sourcebook for free, but you will also get free materials in the fall from the College Board to help you advise your students as they navigate the college selection process.

This is a very helpful resource so I hope many of you take advantage!

Here is a sample from the College Sourcebook (7th Edition)
Here is a sample from the 2007 edition

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