Monday, September 22, 2014

ASVAB: A Career Exploration Tool + A Cool Prep Tool

The ASVAB is the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery. It was introduced in 1968 and can be taken by more than just armed forces applicants.

Each year I offer the ASVAB to my students and advertise it as a career exploration program because that's really what it is. Students who take the assessment can choose to not release their scores to the armed services. MEPS will send non-uniformed personnel to administer the test for you, but we usually have uniformed military personnel come to assist with proctoring. We've administered the assessment on September 11 for the last couple of years to ensure military presence on a day that is so important for us to remember as a country. This year one of our recruiters said the pledge of allegiance for us--that was awesome.

The ASVAB allows students to assess their academic strengths and pair them with their interests through the career component that they access after the exam.

The ASVAB actually has three components:

1. The ASVAB Test (roughly 3 hours)
2. The FYI an interest inventory
3. Explore Careers

The ASVAB website is a great resource to learn more about the potential of the exam for your students. Check out this awesome resource based on Holland's Theory (I love Holland's Theory) and these Awareness Activities. Here are some crafty ways to advertise the assessment to your students.

A new prep tool for students that I just learned about thanks to Twitter (thanks @misterabrams) called "ASVAB Exam Prep 2014" (by PocketPrep) is pretty impressive. 

Here are some screenshots:

This prep tool is so easy to use and best of all students can download it (FREE for a limited time) on their phone and practice anywhere.

"ASVAB Exam Prep 2014 makes it easy to study in small chunks. The practice exam includes 425 unique questions with detailed answer explanations, so you’ll actually learn something instead of simply memorizing. The exam covers everything from general science to mechanical comprehension. It also includes a test-taking strategy guide, ensuring you’re prepared for the real thing when the time comes.
ASVAB Exam Prep 2014 is available for free for a limited time. It has a 4.5-star rating with a total of 18 ratings." Apps Gone Free
Although my students have already tested this year I plan to add info about the tool to my SMORE flyer for next year. I will also share it with my students during their results interpretation session (which your local recruiters can help you with).

How do you advertise and help students prepare for the ASVAB? Share your comments below.

Want to schedule the ASVAB for your students? Click here.

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