Friday, July 8, 2022

Powerful New Student Practices

A transition to a new school can be a stressful event for a student, but it doesn't have to be. School counselors are in a prime position to reduce new student concerns; support students through the transition process; reduce negative effects on student achievement; and foster academic success, social/emotional health and overall wellness. Learn about practices that foster new-student connections to the school community and programming that empowers new students to feel informed and more confident navigating their new school. Check out our session here.

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

IACAC Conference: Tips for Lone Rangers & Rural School Counselors

 We've made some updates to our presentation and we are excited to share with our colleagues at the IACAC Conference April 27 in Chicago!

Check out the updated presentation with full resources here.

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Tips for Lone Rangers & Rural School Counselors

 I am excited to be presenting with my friend Leslie Goines at the ASCA conference in Las Vegas this year. Check out our presentation and all of our resources here.

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Helping Students experience Academic Success in 2020

This is probably one of the hottest topics for school counselors right now! I definitely cannot claim to know the secret to success during these trying times, but I can share a process that I have found success with. Pair this process with lots of contact home (from teachers, admin and the school counselor), and we might be able to support more of our students on their journey to academic success.

Check out the process here along with all of the documents/tools that I have used in the past.

Are you working remotely? Use all of these tools with Kami for a rich, interactive experience.

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Thursday, August 27, 2020

Google Classroom Tips for School Counselors

 Are you using Google Classroom with your students this year? Check out my video to learn from my mistakes and see how I organize my Google Classroom.

Google Classroom organization tips for school counselors, including how to integrate the Bitmoji virtual classroom. Tips for rural school counselors and district supervisors included.