Thursday, April 6, 2017

BIG or small: College Signing Day is for All

I am so excited to present this topic with two of my colleagues at this year's Illinois School Counselor Association conference in Bloomington, IL.

We decided last year, after each of our events, that sharing the unique ways we each make this event work at our respective schools, would maybe help others gain the confidence to plan and execute their own college signing day.

Our session aims to help attendees:

  • Know & understand the purpose for implementing a College Signing Day program
  • Know how to design and implement an action plan that includes a College Signing Day program which aligns with school and school counseling program goals, despite budget constraints, counseling team size or school size
  • Know how to collaborate with students, parents, teachers, administrators, community leaders & other stakeholders to promote and encourage student success
  • Know who to connect with to make your College Signing Day event a success
Check out our full presentation here.

Tips from us

  1. Register your event with Reach Higher and Better Make Room
    1. Download the Toolkit and Event Guide to help you plan
  2. Use Canva to make signs
  3. Make different certificates for college and military
  4. Make the event match your school needs and culture. Follow your formula.
  5. Remember your intent. Celebration and valuable data collection!
  6. Data points to track and share:
    1. College Application Completion & Enrollment
    2. Graduation Rate
    3. FAFSA Filing Percentage
    4. School-wide Academic Performance
      1. freshman on track, achievement gap
    5. College Persistence Rate
    6. College Graduation Rate
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