Saturday, February 14, 2015

The "Ungame" to the Rescue

This semester I finally got my Vision Board group up and running!

During our second session I wanted to use an ice breaker for about half the session to keep the students focused because they were a little rowdy as we set group norms. I also wanted them to learn a little more about one another and start to really think about who they were deep down.

I pulled the "Ungame" out of my groups drawer and after looking through the cards I knew it was the perfect solution. It worked like a charm!

My students not only bought into it immediately, they had a great time and asked to continue the game for the entire session, which I was completely on board for!

The questions from Deck 1 worked perfectly as an ice breaker, and really helped some of the students think about the roles they play and what they felt passionate about.

One of my goals while working with the combination of students I had was to help them recognize that they have extraordinary leadership potential that they have yet to unlock and focus in a positive direction. Thankfully the cards prompted that very conversation and that very realization came out of the mouth of one of the students, I couldn't have been more ecstatic.

I used the Ungame for a Mix it Up at Lunch event a couple of years ago also. I made copies of cards that would generate conversation, nothing too deep, and put them in small containers on the lunch tables. Student had to sit at the lunch tables by birth month and get to know someone new, the cards were there to help generate conversation. 

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Every school counselor needs the Ungame in their tools of the trade. The one I have has two decks, the first deck is perfect for ice breakers and the second deck is more intense. Here are some examples of questions from Deck 1 and Deck 2:

Deck 1: Would you consider yourself a leader or a follower?

Deck 2: Have you ever considered suicide? 

The school counseling uses are endless for this less expensive tool.

Do you have the Ungame? How have you used in school counseling lessons or groups? Please share your tips below.

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