Thursday, June 26, 2014

Finishing your Bully Prevention Action Plan

I have been working on my ASCA Bully Prevention Specialist Training Certification Action Plan for weeks! I meant to have it all done last week, but life and work just got in the way.

I put the final touches on it this morning so I thought I would quickly share a couple of resources that helped me finish my final submission. Check back in August to see if my submission was successful!

Quick Tips

  • I posted a blog in March about Freshman Orientation that touches on some of the bully prevention materials I use during parent events, check it out here
  • I also shared my freshman academy bully prevention pre-test powerpoint in this post from August.

Hope these tips are helpful to you as you complete your Action Plan. I will post my plan in a follow up post once it is approved-fingers crossed!

Now I am officially ready for #ASCA14! Hope to see you there!


  1. Thanks! I need to finish...pronto!

  2. Billie Jo, did you get your email about the extension? Good luck finishing up!