Tuesday, December 31, 2013

"Hatching Results" Giveaway

A couple of weeks ago I announced that I would be giving away one copy of Trish Hatch's latest book, "The use of Data in School Counseling-Haching Results for Students, Programs and the Profession," and today the fun is set to begin.

As a professional school counselor I pride myself on erasing the "G" Counselor title and stigma, so I am using that mission, in conjunction with a pivotal question from the intro of the book, to drive this giveaway. 

To enter the giveaway I would love for contestants to answer the pivotal question in the comment section below and enter the official contest, powered by Rafflecopter. The contest will open January 1, 2014 and close at midnight, January 31, 2014. The winner will be selected at random, notified via email and announced here.

The Pivotal Question
(adapted from page 11 of Hatching Results, reprinted & depicted with permission)

How might school counselors overcome their historical struggle with professional illegitimacy and become vital imperative leaders, advocates, and systems-change agents in schools? 

Feel free to use the solution focused questions from the photo above to guide your answer. If you're not sure how to answer the Pivotol Question, just leave a general comment below, all entries will be considered.

There is no right or wrong answer to the Pivotal Question, as all of our paths, districts, students and approaches to addressing systemic change are different; the goal here is to create dialogue, promote professional growth and inspire one another to begin to address this necessary task.

**IMPORTANT...you must leave a comment below in order for your entry to count.**

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  1. I believe it is important for School Counselors to be visible to break down the historical stigma. This means being visible in the school, homes, and community. We need to post in the school newsletter and on the school webpage. We need to get out in the halls and share our passion with all involved. Share! Share! Share! We are making a difference every day, but it is often up to us to share what we are doing so others know.

  2. I agree with MS Counselor on being visible. Part of being visible is sharing our data and making our time and effort known. If we provide anecdotal evidence on what we do every day, our colleagues and families will trust our professionalism.

  3. I think it is important to show our teachers how what we are doing with students is making life simpler or better for them. Sharing data is great for that. Timely communication is also another important tool when working with teachers. I also think it is important that teachers see that we hold ourselves accountable to the same expectations they are held to, especially in lesson planning and classroom management. As the others have mentioned, being visible is important.

  4. As counselors begin to show vital statistics to prove their effectiveness to the overall well-being in the school community, they will become vital leaders within their buildings and districts. It is also important, with the focus on the common core, that we work smarted and not harder in education today. We must break free from the 4 walls of our office that can often contain us and move beyond our desk and designated "school counseling space". We must show that a team approach is crutial and a student's socio-emotional well being can make a big difference in their learning potential. School must also become the center of the community and programs need to be established to satiate the whole family. As we bury the old stigma of what a guidance counselor does and begin to build a new philosophy of what a school counselor does, we will make change. I am all for moving in this direction.