Thursday, July 18, 2013

Meditation Minute in the Midst of Madness

Sometimes all we have to quiet our minds and reset are quiet seconds, and we generally use them to hurry in & out after we sneak to the restroom dressed in our invisible cloak to finally relieve ourselves after holding it for three hours. In the event that you have a minute (after you take that much needed & deserved restroom break), give this new technique a chance to help you melt away the madness.

The idea of Meditation Minute came to me after a conversation with my assistant this week. Sometimes our jobs can be pure chaos as we work hard for the students & contend with the political forces within our school. Sometimes reciting our Positive Pledge over & over again 100 times just doesn't work-and let's face it, if we can squeeze it in once a day we are lucky.

The purpose of Meditation Minute  is to step in right in the midst of the madness & transform you back to the level-headed, positive & energetic counselor you can be on any given day.

The best things about MM:
  1. You can do it anywhere, even in a staff meeting
  2. It only takes a minute
  3. It's totally acceptable for a School Counselor to be seen talking to themselves quietly
  4. It re-centers you so you can do your best work
  5. It's free
  6. It only takes a minute (just driving the point home here)
So how do you do it?

It's pretty simple- do it however you choose, just do it! There are tons of websites with tips-just Google "meditation at work" and you will find something that works for you.

When you feel a little overwhelmed, frustrated, beaten, ______________ (you fill in the blank) use these MM tips to renew yourself:
  1. Go to your quiet space in your mind & just be still for a moment
  2. Use visual imagery-consciously try to reduce the physiological effects of stress
  3. Breathe deeply & evenly
  4. Relax the tension throughout your whole body
  5. Find your center, your root, your true self
  6. Return to your work activities with a renewed spirit
As I was fully conceptualizing this idea I came across this great website. It is a great resource if you are looking for inspiration as you begin your MM practice.

How do you recharge in the middle of all of the madness? Please share your tips in the Comment space below.

Best wishes for creating moments of peace as you begin your school year. 

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